Income Predictor


Freelancers! Small business owners! Hourly employees and side giggers!

Better predict your income and potentially increase it by using my super easy pre-formulated spreadsheet!



Quick: do you know how much money you’ll make this month?

As a freelancer or small business owner, predicting your income can sometimes feel like you’re spinning a fortune wheel at the county fair. Some months you’ll be flush with cash and other months you might be eyeing the cat food for dinner.

Or what if you work an hourly job — or multiple jobs? As an hourly employee, you may work regular shifts and at least have a general idea of how much you’ll bring in. But what if you got let go early a few days last week when things were slow? That can be hard to remember later when your paycheck arrives. Cue sad trombone.

If you find yourself surprised at the end of every month, then you need a way to better predict your income.

Predict your income and make more

I’ve been using a super special method to predict my income for over 15 years. Ever since I started, I’m not only not surprised by how much I’m bringing in, it’s helped me bring in more. That’s because tracking my income throughout the month gives me a birds-eye view on where I’m falling short early on — giving me time to figure out what to do before I’m in trouble.

And now I’m sharing my own personal income predicting spreadsheet with you.

I’ve added lots of functions, tabs, and formulas that make it super easy to enter income and view the data. And yeah, I made it really pretty. I have a separate tab for each type of income source. Because I’m a freelancer and small business owner, I have several streams of income I need to track every month. Even if you only have one source, my new format makes everything clean and easy to manage.

It works like this:

  1. On an income source tab, enter the expected income for the month.
  2. It automatically updates the main pipeline tab!
  3. You can even enter a monthly goal, and each month your pipeline will show you the percentage you’ve achieved. Magic!

If you just want to dive in and get started recording your income without building your own spreadsheet, then my pipeline is ready for you. It comes complete with instructions on the first tab.

It’s what I use every day to better predict my income. When I know what my monthly income will be, I can start making changes much sooner if I need to. And now you can do it, too!

This download is a .xlsx file. It’s been tested in Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, and LibreCalc.