Is The Block Editor Toolbar In Your Way?

Hoist the toolbar to the top mast, matey!

There are some things we don’t like but can never hope to change. The Arctic ice shelf falling into the sea comes to mind. Stirring natural peanut butter. The last episode of Gilmore Girls.

One thing we can change and feel great about is the position of the toolbar in the WordPress block editor. I don’t know about you, but the default position over each block gets in my way. Every time I hover over a block and it pops up, I get cranky. And a cranky web developer is not easy to be around. Just ask my wife, children and pets and anyone unfortunate enough to be driving on the same freeway as me.

Thankfully for those who have to be in my vicinity, the WordPress engineers came up with a solution. You can move the toolbar up to the top of the editor screen. That means there’s only one toolbar, and it adapts to whichever block you happen to be editing. It’s up and out of the way.

It’s super easy to change, too. No coding or plugins required, it’s a simple setting. In your editor, there are three little dots in the upper right corner. Click the dots and a panel pops up with all kinds of choices. The toolbar setting is right at the top.

Screen capture of WordPress post editor with toolbar over the block.
Get that thing outta my way!

As soon as you toggle that selection, the toolbar appears at the top and you are free to edit in a distraction-free environment.

Screen capture of WordPress post editor with toolbar at the top.
Ahhh. Top toolbar.

This is a super simple change, but I think it will help you feel better working in the Gutenberg block editor. I feel better already. Where’s that jar of peanut butter?

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