Do I have to give you all of my private login info?

If you want my help, I will need to access your site. However, I recommend setting up a new user account for me instead of sending me your personal info. It’s also more secure then sending your login info through email. Don’t worry — I can walk you through it.

I hate dealing with my host when I have issues. Can you just handle that for me?

Of course! In fact, I offer a care plan with that in mind. If you only need help once or twice, I can also invoice you hourly.

Can you help me with my Squarespace or Wix site?

Sure. While I don’t have specific care plans for that, I’m happy to dig into your Squarespace or Wix site. Let me know what you need and I’ll let you know about costs.

Can you code my new site using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

I can, but I don’t offer that as a service. If you want a website that will grow with you, you should seriously consider using WordPress.