Is The Block Editor Toolbar In Your Way?

Hoist the toolbar to the top mast, matey! There are some things we don’t like but can never hope to change. The Arctic ice shelf falling into the sea comes to mind. Stirring natural peanut butter. The last episode of Gilmore Girls. One thing we can change and feel great about is the position ofContinue reading “Is The Block Editor Toolbar In Your Way?”

Is It Hard To Develop a WordPress Theme?

Short answer, yes. Gratifying? Also yes. I’m going to share my experience getting started in developing a WordPress theme but first, a fun and somewhat related story. I own a 1966 VW Beetle named Helga. When I bought her, she ran okay but there was a big hole in the fuel tank which meant thatContinue reading “Is It Hard To Develop a WordPress Theme?”

It’s the End of the World Plugin

If you’ve worked in WordPress for more than an hour, you’ve probably noticed the Hello, Dolly plugin. It’s just a happy little plugin whose only function is to offer you a line from the song in your upper right admin area. Cute. When I recently started learning more about PHP, I was inspired by MichelleContinue reading “It’s the End of the World Plugin”