Stop! Before you use that WordPress theme…

These days, there are a vast number of WordPress themes to choose from. I didn’t even try to count them. I also haven’t tried to count the stars in a long time. Suffice to say that your options are not limited. So, with the multitude of themes out there, how do you choose one forContinue reading “Stop! Before you use that WordPress theme…”

Is The Block Editor Toolbar In Your Way?

Hoist the toolbar to the top mast, matey! There are some things we don’t like but can never hope to change. The Arctic ice shelf falling into the sea comes to mind. Stirring natural peanut butter. The last episode of Gilmore Girls. One thing we can change and feel great about is the position ofContinue reading “Is The Block Editor Toolbar In Your Way?”

Are your photos slowing down your website?

How to successfully compress images for your website and get your speed back Go small or go home. There it is, the gorgeous hero image that’s perfect for your website. Bathe in its glory. It’s so beautiful, you just want to jump inside it. Your visitors will probably love it, too, and they’ll love youContinue reading “Are your photos slowing down your website?”

How to maintain your WordPress website

It’s easier than changing your oil. Congratulations! Your WordPress site is launched and you are live on the internet. It’s a fantastic feeling right? Well, at least I hope it is. Now you can sit back, catch up on your shows and just let it do it’s thing. If only that were so. Of courseContinue reading “How to maintain your WordPress website”

Where do you put CSS code in a WordPress website?

Where the hell does this &%$#* code go? Ever been handed a snippet of code to insert into your WordPress website and wondered, “Well, now what?” At some point, it will happen. You’ll get a chunk of javascript from Mailchimp, or someone in a WordPress forum will give you some custom CSS code to useContinue reading “Where do you put CSS code in a WordPress website?”

How to Install WordPress Plugins

It’s easier than changing the clock in your car. Okay, maybe not but it really is easy once you learn how. There are a couple of methods for installing plugins on your WordPress site. The search method is the easiest and safest, so let’s start there. Add by searching Step 1: In your dashboard, scrollContinue reading “How to Install WordPress Plugins”