We had a blast working together.

These people came to me with their broken or outdated websites. I waved my magic wand and presto! Good as new.

Custom Code Creates Dazzling Display

front page of nine golden swans website

This talented jewelry designer approached me with her existing eCommerce website in need of a front page overhaul.

She had a much grander vision for her site, where it would display beautiful images of her pieces, leading visitors to fall in love and buy.

Because she was so used to the theme she was using, she didn’t want to throw it all out the window. Instead, I created a child theme and wrote custom code. Working from her PDF mockup, I gave her a custom navigation menu with logo and search bar, a customizable message in the top bar, a custom testimonials section, and a much nicer grid layout for her products.

Mindful Maintenance, Functionality Fixes

screenshot of Lion Heart Kombucha website

Lion Heart Dry Kombucha approached me with a beautifully-designed and richly complex site, but they were in need of back end functionality fixes. First, I helped them get their graphical location map sorted out — an integral part of the UI for their customers. Then I repaired some messed up layouts on various pages of the site.

I continue to provide ongoing maintenance for them, making sure their site is updated, looking correct, and secure.

Chamber of Commerce Migration

screenshot of Topanga Chamber website

While the Topanga Chamber of Commerce site was beautifully designed, it had a plethora of problems under the hood.

First, their web host wasn’t keeping up with the latest code on the back end. So I migrated the site to a new host with more current server software. Whew. I also created a scheduled backup plan and implemented better site security.

They needed a purchasing system in a hurry for their upcoming holiday party. I implemented a WooCommerce solution, allowing them to start collecting money for tickets online.

Spotify Single, Beautify Brand

zuko website page

I overhauled this musician’s site to update the branding and coincide with the release of his new single on Spotify.

A photographer had created such a striking image for the release that we agreed it should dominate the page right off the bat.

I also embedded audio tracks with controls so his fans can stream the music without leaving the website. A merch shop was also needed, which I created using WooCommerce and custom CSS to make sure the product grid didn’t completely block the background image.

Squarespace Separation, Overseas Overhaul

screenshot of Gollob CPA website

This CPA had an existing Squarespace site that he no longer wanted to handle — he wanted to focus on his accounting clients instead of messing with web stuff. I replicated the site in WordPress and moved it to a server that was easier to customize and manage.

Additionally, he had purchased an overseas CPA firm and inherited the website, which needed a complete overhaul. Both sites had to retain brand recognition and link to each other. I also implemented a handy forms page for more efficient onboarding of new clients.

I regularly maintain both sites; keeping them backed up, secure, updated — and I regularly publish their blog posts for them.

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