Are your photos slowing down your website?

How to successfully compress images for your website and get your speed back

Go small or go home.

There it is, the gorgeous hero image that’s perfect for your website. Bathe in its glory. It’s so beautiful, you just want to jump inside it. Your visitors will probably love it, too, and they’ll love you for putting it up there. You’ll look like a pro. Except that…

…it took 30 seconds to load, so your visitors are already clicking away to other places before they even have a chance to experience your brilliance.

Uploading a 20 MB photo to your website is not what we in the web design world would call “best practice.” In fact, it’s downright reckless. With today’s blazing fast internet speeds you can download a 20 MB file in a few seconds. That doesn’t mean your website will serve it up as quickly. Those moments between someone clicking a link to your site and the site actually loading are precious. We are not as patient as we were in 1996, where 10 seconds on a dial-up modem would have been acceptable. These days, most people expect a page to load and start showing content in 3-4 seconds. That means your image file sizes need to be as tiny as possible.

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