Hi! My name is DJ. I’m a front end web designer/developer and blog helper person specializing in WordPress.

If you’re worried that your website is so horrible that visitors will burst into flames upon arrival, you’re not alone. On some level, everyone thinks their website could be better. Even me, which is why I’ve spent so many years learning to make them better. And your site can be better, I promise. Or, it can exist if it doesn’t already. Woo!

I’m your website guide and counselor. I’ll get your WordPress site up and running for you, and I’ll teach you how to use it so you don’t burn down the whole internet. Just kidding. That’s impossible… I think. For safety’s sake, how about you let me take care of things and we can both sleep better at night.

Tell me about your website dreams, or goals, or fears. I’ll help you figure it out. Need my bona fides? Sure thing: CV/Resume

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