An online presence that works.

These days you can spin up a website in a weekend. But what is it doing for you?

Your website has the potential to bring you new customers, subscribers, or even be a beacon for your community. That doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes a lot of work.

There are blog posts to write, products to create — plus the regular maintenance that keeps your website running and safe from hackers.

My name is D.J., and I’m here to whisk that burden off your shoulders. Let me handle your site while you run your business. I’ll post to your blog, keep your calendar up to date, send your newsletters — all while ensuring that you’re running a secure, accessible, and great-looking site.

Think of me as your website fairy godmother. I’ll make sure your online presence is getting you what you want.


Have your site restored, update your site, or fix errors and issues. I’ll even run a full accessibility audit.


I handle ongoing tasks like blog posts, updating plugins, making backups, and keeping you safe from hackers.


Presto! Starting fresh? Get a brand new site created for under $1k. Perfect to start, room to grow.

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